Lizz Fonacier
Elizabeth Fonacier - Artist Statement

Art has an ability to manifest the mysterious qualities that constitute our human existence. My attraction to paint as a medium of visual expression shares commonality with my interest in quantum theory. Paint possesses the capacity to facilitate illusion through application process and pigment combination. Similarly, basic quantum theory renders matter an illusionary substance of reality, influenced by our awareness of its presence. Investigating the fabric of illusion, my work brings forth images from the fringe of awareness.

Painting as process engages the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of a person. Transforming the studio to laboratory, I formulate equations by way of documenting experimentations on the fluidity of pigments mixed with assorted painting media and varying amounts of thinner. In this way, image creation relies upon physics, chemistry, and artistic gesture equally. These techniques acquiesce further experimentation of physical action, the energy behind application. Emotional and spiritual insight intuitively guide my conceptual evolution, generating conversations between paint and painter.

Nature as the substance of paint and a subject to be painted, endows the greatest purpose to my creative endeavors. Humanity's natural existence is part of the material universe, forming the grounds for endless artistic exploration. Matter is illusive, ever changing, moving and unique to it's moment of perception. Everything physical to nonphysical is influenced by the constant progression of natural forces. My work examines the framework of existence as viewed through human experience.