Lizz Fonacier
Sand and Water 11
India Ink on Paper
13.25" x 10.5"
Organic movements of sand mixing with water provides the soothing background to most who seek reposes on the beach. Many who visit this edge spend time watching the waves break on the shore or look out to the vastness of the ocean. Land is connected to water by all the subtle variations of movement and molecules which makes these two elements separate yet entwined.

Observing the beautiful natural patterning, I decided to make impressions reflecting universal chaos. The process involves soaking paper gently in rolling waves, then laying it on the beach and layering the sheet with sand. Splashing India Ink over the sand water composition allows for capturing of the organic movements, thus revealing a glimpse of the edge. The finished black and white ink paintings bare a stunning resemblance to ariel views of geographical formations.

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