Lizz Fonacier
Tanning Bar
oil on canvas
38.5" x 38.5"
"Matter of Dolls"

In relation to my earlier work, "On de Kooning," this series of paintings, titled "Matter of Dolls", presents a closer look at the construction of feminine identity within patriarchal society. The effect of belief on ones reality lies at the heart of my interest in cultural ideologies. Humanities construction of culture equivalently facilitates propagation of ideologies, and ultimately the constructions of societal belief systems.

Within this series, portraits of dolls reveal the molecular movement of seemingly stable material. Multiple process of using wet on wet painting techniques allowed colors to bleed and swirl, mimicking the natural flows of movement and energy. Similar to the way doll's names reflect their fictional identity, the paintings titles imitate phrases used to type cast individuals conforming to cultural stereotypes.

Coupled with the portraits are sculptural works consisting of stalactites and stalagmites structured from melted dolls. These formations, crated in caves from mineral heavy water dripping continuously over time, reflect the human passage of cultural values and beliefs over generations. With this passage, men and woman continue to believe the gender roles established by culture are essential forms of identity and live their lives accordingly. My work seeks to stimulate awareness of these phenomena and their connection to our construction of reality.
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