Lizz Fonacier
Eyes Closed in the Dark I
oil on canvas
4.5' x 5.5'
Eyes Closed

With eyes closed, surroundings disappear and voids with moving shifting colors come into view. It is this action that connects the mind to inner space. Closing ones eyes and looking within is advocated through different sects of science, religion, and mysticism as the catalyst for human advancement. Using this process as a point of departure, these paintings explore the natural abstraction of actual images seen with eyes closed.

Large canvases holding intense swirling compositions provide the platform for an enveloping effect when viewed at close proximity. Conceived by observing and recording naturally occurring "light" movements under the surface of my eyelids, these images transpire inner space to outer reality through the vocabulary of painting. Stretched canvases soaked in color facilitate the grounds on which additional hues aptly bleed and morph. The works are created quickly by way of ritualistic dance as means to propagate precision and intuitive decision processing, ultimately resulting in a transitive painterly meditation.

Light and dark formulate the basis for life on our planet, and metaphorically give rise to the topics concerning human morality. Dualistic ideologies lie at the core of the meaning behind "Looking with Eyes Closed," as they directly apply to the moralistic advancement of individuals within their respective societies. The process of calmly removing the mind from immediate circumstance, shifting to inner space, and letting go of the self-created image, or ego, encourages the conquering of negative influence and progressively propels the consciousness to enlightened states with concentration on love and positivity as the means for advancement.
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