Lizz Fonacier
oil on canvas
34" x 34"
Working on the series "Paintings" was coupled with deep research concentrated on de Kooning's philosophies as an artist, specifically the years he spent painting "Woman I." After nearly two years of work on the piece, de Kooning conclusively deemed the painting unsuccessful, abandoning it with trash in the hall of his building. Columbia professor Meyer Shapiro, known as a passionate admirer of Van Gogh and inspirational speaker, paid de Kooning an impromptu visit at just this time in his career. What they spoke of remains unknown, however, the words and thoughts exchanged had obvious influence on de Kooning. Afterward, he reassessed and finished "Woman I", in addition to numerous other "Woman" paintings, completing a series for exhibit at Sidney Janis Gallery.

This painting, titled "Vincent", is a metaphorical vision of Schapiro and de Kooning's conversation. The image was created by combining five different micro compositions of Van Gogh's painting "Olive Trees." Simultaneously representing possibility and diversified perspective, the work ultimately symbolizes the influence of conversation on artist and the capacity for artist to see work as successful.
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