Lizz Fonacier
Bloody Easter Monday
oil on canvas
48" x 36"
A micro composition of "Easter Monday" painted with 7 appropriated colors observed from my blood as it dried, this painting differs from the rest of the series in it's source image and chromatic composition. Conceptually, "Bloody Easter Monday" extends my conversation on de Kooning into the emotional and physical realms.


"On de Kooning"

Woman in de Kooning's series represents the muse, the idol, and the goddess. Picasso, Ingres, Rubens, Rembrandt, and may great artist's carriers have been highlighted by their compelling representations of the female form. De Kooning used this history as grounds for his own experimentation with paint and abstraction, simultaneously expanding the history of woman as subject. My work lays bare both the weight of this history as a post-modern artist, and my feminine perspective of the masculine relationship to woman through art.

An influential piece to generations of artist, "Woman I" exhibits mesmerizing brush strokes unique to the capacity of oil paint. De Kooning was extraordinarily skilled in mixing oil paint with other media, and facilitating processes such as emulsion to enable his investigation of abstraction. Paintings in my series are enlarged micro compositions within the larger macro composition, Woman. Differing from de Kooning's painting process, my work facilitates the old master techniques of glazing. The resulting image gives rise to the illusion of brush stroke and thickness of paint.

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